The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has warned the Chancellor not to hinder Britain's exports industry, as part of its submission to HM Treasury ahead of this month's Autumn Statement. Heathrow Airport's announced third runway was praised by the organisation as part of the submission, in light of the positive effect it should have on helping the UK to further develop its trade links following the exit from the European Union. However, the organisation has highlighted the need for UK goods to not become more expensive to export, and for there to be no more red tape involved in the process. The need for companies to access employees outside the UK was also highlighted, with emphasis on the industry's current staff shortages. The FTA made its submission ahead of the Autumn Statement, which Chancellor Philip Hammond will make on November 23. Karen Dee, the director of policy for the FTA, said: 'The Chancellor must ensure that UK businesses remain competitive as we move towards exiting the EU. "This means minimising the burdens placed on businesses moving goods around the world so that British goods are no more costly to export nor burdened with more red tape. "But beyond this, it means delivering an economic and fiscal environment at home which allows businesses to thrive. "The logistics industry operates on relatively low margins and is currently experiencing a shortage of skilled labour. "The Chancellor could provide a real boost by reducing fuel duties; looking again at the implementation of the Apprenticeship Levy to ensure that it better meets businesses' needs; and enhancing investment in our key transport infrastructure networks. 'The UK economy relies on logistics _ we hope that logistics can rely on Government.î The FTA's submission also called for a 3p per litre cut in fuel duty, guaranteed protection of the road investment strategy and for the rail strategic freight network, a new policy framework and funding for new and improved driver roadside facilities, as well as bigger revenue budgets for improved maintenance on the local and strategic road networks.