The organisers of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games have been given an ultimatum by the Freight Transport Association.æ The Association has re-iterated its initial concerns regarding the lack of information so far provided by those organising the event, and has noted that the scarcity of data could have a negative effect on the logistics of the Games. The Association's conference is due to take place on 13th May, by which point the delegates will expect detailed answers on how best to proceed for the event.æ The Commonwealth Games are due to start on 23rd July, and current preparations for freight delivery are believed to be far behind those that were made ahead of the London Olympics.æ The consequences for the event could be severe, with logistics firms struggling to minimise the natural disruption that occurs as a result of any major sporting event. The Head of Policy for the FTA in Scotland, Chris MacRae, said: "The freight and logistics industry will play a huge part in helping to deliver essential food, drink and supplies not only to the Games venues themselves but also to the residents and businesses of the city and in order to do so, it is vital to prepare well ahead.î Mr MacRae also cited the case of the London Olympics, where the team responsible for logistics, working to a similar time-frame, had already thoroughly planned out the Games Route Network.æ The Freight Working Group for the 2012 Games had also met several times in order to plan the event. By the same point in time, the organisers of the London Olympics had already thoroughly planned out the Games Route Network, and the Freight Working Group for the event had also met several times.æ Such was the contrast in the level of preparation that Mr MacRae actually cited the London event's speedy organisation as part of his criticism. A conference is to be held in May between the FTA, the Games organisers, Transport Scotland and Police Scotland so that the different bodies are able to share relevant information.æ Due to the lack of data provision, though, it's anticipated that the rest of the preparation will have to be rushed in order to get everything ready on time. Mr MacRae added: "The sooner FTA can get this information the sooner we can help our logistics members plan around the Games and the sooner they can help their customers - theæ businesses and citizens of Glasgow - to plan around the Games to make then a success." The Association's conference: 'Managing Deliveries and Servicing During the Commonwealth Gamesæ 2014' will take place at the Doubletree Dunblane Hydro in Stirling on Tuesday May 13th.