Fleets will continue to benefit from mobile technology in an effort to achieve further efficiencies, according to a key technology expert. Steve Reynolds, managing director of TBS Enterprise Mobility, feels that smartphones and tablets will continue to be used for fleet management, in order to monitor and improve performance: 'The decreasing cost and increasing durability of consumer devices will drive a shift in the industry from paper-based to automated processes. 'More and more, blue collar and task-oriented staff are coming to expect to carry out their work supported by user-friendly consumer devices,î he said. 61 per cent of the adult population now own a smartphone, with their comparatively low cost making them an effective solution for businesses too. Sales across the globe are likely to reach 1.7bn in 2014. 'These factors combined will see a sharp rise in the enterprise adoption of smartphones and tablets in 2014, transforming fleet management,î predicted Reynolds. At the centre of this trend is the availability of apps and software which allows fleet managers to develop cost efficiencies through things like fuel management and driver performance analysis: 'There are currently around two million mobile apps available to download,î said Reynolds. 'During 2014, we will see the use of apps aimed at improving driver behaviour and fuel efficiency grow in the fleet sector. 'Although many vehicles come with efficiency features built in, ultimately the driver is in control of their habits at the wheel, which is why apps can be a catalyst for behavioural change.î The 'Automatic' app is particularly intelligent, working by plugging a bluetooth-enabled dongle into the vehicle's data port, paired with the smartphone: 'The app monitors and scores driver behaviour by making use of the sensors and accelerometer in the smartphone and information from the engine management system,î said Reynolds. 'This information is then compared with other drivers in similar cars that have driven the same journey segments and placed in a good driving league table; fostering a fun, competitive attitude towards better driving,î he added.