Road Safety Charity, Brake, is urging employers to sign up to Road Safety Week 2014, which takes place from 17-23 November. Brake is encouraging organisations to go on the campaign's website to find ideas on how to promote safe driving to staff and register for an e-action pack. This year's theme is 'Look out for one another on roads', with the aim of raising awareness of the ways drivers can protect each other when driving. Brake is hoping to encourage drivers to slow down to 20 miles per hour in small communities to protect children and pedestrians, take it slow at junctions and bends, as well as 'look twice' at junctions or roundabouts. Employers are encouraged to help promote this theme to staff and local drivers and address other road safety issues that are important to them. Employers can access Brake's their free tips and ideas to get involved, while businesses canæregister for a free e-action pack with downloadable posters and advice on taking part. Brake's campaign comes at a time when the Government has moved to improve the safety on our roads through a £200m fund to remove potholes all over the UK. In the meantime, TyreSafe is urging drivers to check their tyres and wheels regularly for damage in order to avoid accidents: Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, said: 'While the announcement of extra funds to help repair the UK's roads is welcome news, this will not happen overnight. "In the meantime, it's criticalæthat drivers pay particular attention to the condition of their tyres and wheels as hitting a pothole can cause significant damage. "If this damage is left unchecked it can present a very serious safety risk for them and other road users. 'After hitting a pothole, it's important that drivers check their tyre pressures regularly over the next few days to assess if there is any gradual loss of air. 'If this does happen then it's important that they visit a tyre specialist to have both the wheel rim and the tyre examined.î