A new study has found that many fleet managers are currently not prepared to switch their entire fleet to eco-friendly models unless they get an annual fuel saving of £483 per vehicle. The Fleet Market Attitudes report by Kia found that fleet managers currently believe 23 per cent of their fleet to be 'eco-friendly' (as in defined as both hybrid and electric vehicles and eco-friendly technology).æ The average also suggested that this figure could rise to as much as 42 per cent within the next five years, especially if the infrastructure for the vehicles continued to improve, too. The cost of ownership was cited as the main deciding factor for fleet owners when choosing their vehicles, with appearance and environmentally-friendly features also regularly being taken into account. The survey also looked at the difficulties that fleet managers face, with 49 per cent reporting a lack of time to handle employee queries about their company cars, and 24 of respondents admitting they currently lacked the resources to identify the best vehicles on the fleet.æ Nearly a fifth of respondents admitted to budgeting worries when it came to servicing their fleet. 97 per cent of fleet managers that took part in the survey felt confident in the UK's future economic growth, with 71 per cent in turn agreeing that this would affect their business.