In a new campaign by TyreSafe, fleet operators are being reminded that a car displaying a Tyre Pressuring Monitoring System fault will fail its MOT automatically. Millions of cars across the country are currently fitted with TPMS systems that monitor tyre pressure and alert the driver to either under or over inflation. Stuart Jackson, chairman for TyreSafe, said: 'Although TPMS technology has been around for decades, its inclusion in new model vehicles has only been mandated in Europe since 2012 and on all new cars since 2014. This led to a gradual introduction into the market over a period of years andæwith little or noæfanfare to help educate motorists. 'Our members have been telling us that they're encountering a lot of customers who either aren't aware of how these systems work,æand need to be maintained,æor just see them as an expensive luxury rather than the crucial safety feature they are. TyreSafe have created a new video as part of the wider TPMS awareness campaign that covers a range of different informational products such as leaflets and posters. æEmphasis is also obviously still on regular manual tyre safety checks; pressure should be tested at least once every month or before any long journeys. Another thing that drivers need to consider is TPMS system maintenance.æ Though the systems are largely designed to last for many years (and miles), it's often a good idea to have them checked occasionally.æ Sensors can sometimes become faulty or fail as a result of weather damage, corrosion or accidental damage caused when changing tyres.