Transport for London (TfL) and the Energy Saving Trust have announced a new initiative designed to help identify potential locations for electric vehicle infrastructure in the capital, with one of the main aims for the scheme being to expand the use of cleaner vans and light lorries in the Greater London region. As part of the scheme, both bodies are inviting businesses to contribute through helping to map out where future chargepoints in London could best be located in order to best support the increase in electric freight vehicles. The Energy Saving Trust, in partnership with vehicle scheduling firm Route Monkey, will be responsible for analysing fleet telematics and scheduling data in order to recommend potential locations for the chargepoints that best serve the capital's various business fleets. Isuzu and Paneltex will be providing data on mid-sized commercial vehicles (i.e, those up to 12.5 tonnes) to help model how organisations can best manage the switch from diesel to electric. Each participating fleet in the 'Rapid Chargepointsî project will receive a tailored report indicating when there is a business case for adding electric vehicles to their fleets. The project is designed to build on the work done by the Energy Saving Trust's Plugged-in Fleets initiative, which was itself funded by both the TfL and the Department for Transport (DfL). The initiative helped more than 100 organisations understand more about the potential benefits that plug-in vehicles could introduce. Philip Sellwood, the chief executive for the Energy Saving Trust, said: 'There is a strong business case for the adoption of electric vehicles and this has been shown through our previous work with business fleets. 'These benefits are particularly prevalent in London, with TfL recognising the potential for electric vehicles supported by rapid charging infrastructure. 'We are confident that our work through the 'Rapid Chargepoint Mapping' project will provide the information needed to facilitate new electric vehicle infrastructure throughout London.î The Energy Saving Trust's fleet analysis revealed potential fuel savings of up to 75 per cent for businesses prepared to go electric. There is also the opportunity for additional savings for firms based in London, with 100 per cent capital allowances allowed on zero emission goods vehicles. Colin Ferguson, CEO at Route Monkey, said: 'The role of telematics and scheduling data from business fleets in mapping potential rapid chargepoints will be vital to ensure that electric vehicles are a cost-effective alternative for business fleets.î Ian Wainwright, meanwhile, heads up the freight and fleet programmes at TfL, adding: 'Ensuring the most suitable locations are selected for charging points will vastly improve the efficiency of electric vehicles, helping to make them the economical alternative for fleets. 'With vans and other lightweight goods vehicles accounting for over three-quarters of the freight miles in London, this project has the opportunity to make a significant contribution to reduced emissions in the capital.î Firms looking to participate in the 'Rapid Chargepoint Mapping' project can get in touch with Fergus Worthy directly on 020 7654 2613, send an e-mail to or apply online here.