There is growing concern among fleet operators looking to minimise the amount of maintenance and repair downtime for their company cars and vans, according to epyx. The firm has revealed it is seeing increasing efforts by fleets to cut downtime via its Downtime Management module, part of the 1link Service Network e-commerce platform. David Wallace, sales and business development director, said: "A vehicle which is off the road is an unproductive vehicle and impacts directly on company productivity. "A working vehicle like a delivery van or a salesperson's car needs to be available all the time and if it is not, it means additional costs in terms of a hire vehicle or lost opportunities. "At a point in time when the economy is weak, we are seeing more and more fleet managers proactively trying to reduce their downtime in order to boost their fleet productivity. There appears to be an ever clearer understanding that downtime is a cost issue." At IT Fleet Automotive we too are equally aware of the cost implications of fleet downtime. Subsequently our industry leading techniques, technology and training enable us to provide fleets with high quality, cost-effective vehicle refurbishment, getting them back on the road as soon as possible with SMART repairs and re-texturing. James Martin-Whymark, client relations and marketing manager at IT Fleet Automotive, said: "Our entire range of fleet services are designed to keep businesses moving and our team are on hand to field enquiries at all times. "We continue to invest in technology to ensure our staff can carry out the swift and accurate assessment of fleets." If you would like to discuss your fleet vehicle requirements with us today you can call our friendly team on 01473 313057 or fill in our online enquiry form for a swift response.