The merits of eco-driving have been presented to fleet managers in a recent seminar by the Fleet Safety Forum, a division of road safety charity, Brake. During which fleet companies were encouraged to reduce their fuel costs and emissions and the risk of accidents through safer driving measures. The seminar, sponsored by GreenRoad Technologies, was titled 'Eco-driving: planning and implementing effective procedures', and took place this week in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Attendees gained useful insight into making an eco-driving campaign work, both in theory and in practice. A leading academic and a new case study from a UK fleet operator helped to demonstrate the value to attendees. Dr Michael Coyle, director of Fuel Efficiency at M2 Training Limited, discussed the thought processes behind implementing a successful eco-driving campaign _ right from planning through to measuring success. Meanwhile John Bickerton, technical standards manager at First Group _ UK Bus, offered his companies' own best practice case study on how First Group overcame the challenges of fuel efficiency in the current economic climate. Roslyn Cumming, development manager at Brake, believes the implementation of an eco-driving campaign is the perfect opportunity for businesses to demonstrate to their stakeholders the lengths they are going to reducing the company's impact on the wider environment. "This seminar is a great opportunity to find out from expert and practitioner angels, what works when looking to introduce an eco-driving programme to your drivers," she said. At IT Fleet Automotive we refurbish a wide variety of fleet vehicles to industry standard. We are fully qualified to service vehicles and carry out mechanical repairs that may improve the efficiency of fleet cars when they are back on the motorways.