An increasing number of fleets are choosing to hold onto their vehicles beyond their manufacturer warranty period as the current economic climate forces many businesses to 'make do'. With higher repair bills and the complex nature of vehicle refurbishment resulting in expensive costs when components fail, fleet operators have to tighten the purse strings ever more. Fleet managers are also becoming increasingly conscious about the developing green technologies within hybrid and electric vehicles. With a greater emphasis placed upon starter motors and charging systems, there is growing concern about the cost of repairs of to these new technologies after the expiry of warranties. It is said that the cost of parts in franchised garages has increased by as much as 30 per cent over the last decade and with labour rates as high as £180 per hour according to the AA, there is plenty for fleets to think about. Some fleet operators are being left with no choice but to keep their vehicles into their fourth and fifth years beyond their manufacturer warranty and with no extension in place. Sizeable repair bills are therefore becoming the norm. By extending the warranty cycle fleets can ease the tension by taking the guesswork out of running costs, managers can secure peace of mind. Although extended warranties are a new concept for many asset owners, any additional protection they can provide against incurring crippling bills is a step worth taking. Keeping fleets roadworthy is vital to the profitability of any business dependent on transport. At IT Fleet Automotive we appreciate the current climate businesses find themselves in and have adopted our own industry leading vehicle refurbishment techniques can repair isolated damage at minimum cost. Why not give our friendly, experienced team a try today? Let IT Fleet work with you to provide a customised solution to meet your fleet's specific needs. Call us on 01473 313057 or get in touch online using our enquiry form.