Road safety charity Brake has called upon fleet operators to acknowledge and guard against the potential risks posed by employing people under the age of 25 as professional drivers. Fleet managers are being invited to a low-cost seminar via Brake's Fleet Safety Forum, during which professionals will be able to hear from academic experts and experienced practitioners on how best to manage young drivers. The workshop, 'Young drivers at work: risks and solutions' is to be held in Nottingham on 6th December, with early booking recommended due to limited spaces available. Discussion will be centred on why young drivers are regarded as a high-risk group in comparison to other demographics and how fleet managers can keep road accidents and collisions by their young drivers to an absolute minimum. The seminar will provide attendees with a best practice case study to show how one company has successfully implemented measures to alleviate the dangers associated with younger drivers. Roslyn Cumming, development manager at Brake, said: "Younger drivers are statistically far more likely to crash than other-at-work drivers. This seminar provides an excellent opportunity to hear from academic experts in the area about how to mitigate the risks associated with younger drivers in your fleet. "I urge anyone working in the field to attend." Fleet repairs and refurbishment are part and parcel of managing any business fleet. Accidents inevitably occur with drivers pounding the highways on a daily basis. Restoring their vehicles to roadworthy condition as soon as possible is the key to saving money lost as a result of vehicle downtime. At IT Fleet Automotive we strive hard with our industry leading techniques and technology to provide high quality, cost effective repair and refurbishment to fleet vehicles on a daily basis. Our SMART repairs and refurbishment can mend both interior and exterior damage, isolating and amending problems at minimum cost. Discuss your fleet's refurbishment requirements today with our friendly team on 01473 313057 or drop us a line via our website today.