The possibilities presented to fleet managers by the use of big data is considered overwhelming, with many managers risking collecting too much data without having a strategic plan in place for actually using it. Chevin Fleet Solutions found that some fleets had taken sophisticated telematics packages on but that have then turned off the data feed after a fortnight due to being suddenly swamped by data for which they found they had no purpose. It's a problem that has occurred a number of times in other industries, with the increasing use of new technology meaning that the amount of data currently available to fleets is beginning to rise by a significant amount. Ashley Sowerby, managing director for Chevin, Said: 'The flood of data can leave fleet managers confused.æWe can see it in fleets that take large amounts of maintenance data, for example, and this something that is only going to get more acute with the rise of the connected car. 'It might be impressive for you to glance at your screen and know that the engine of a vehicle 200 miles away is turning over 1,800 rpm _ but does it really help you to manage your fleet more effectively?" Before committing to use data, fleets should take the time to ensure it will actually be of real benefit to them.