Fleet providers are being swamped with too many low performing mobile apps, according to fleet management software provider, Chevin Fleet Solutions. The range of apps available from manufacturers, rental providers, fuel card providers and motoring organisations now means that fleets are becoming overwhelmed with choice, creating uncertainty when selecting the most effective for the job. Research shows that only one-in-four apps are actually used after a user downloads them. A streamlined approach would allow providers to utilise a smaller number of really useful apps, says Chevin's Managing director Ashley Sowerby: 'In terms of software design, an app is quite a specific thing. It is really a solution designed for a common and simple yet important task that needs to be accessible while on the move. 'However, if you look at the range of apps that have been made available to fleets during the last few years, very few of them fall into this category and many offer functions that are probably better accessed through a website or other internet platform. 'Too many appear to have been driven by the marketing department rather than by a genuine fleet need. Our experience is that this level of acceptance is probably typical in the fleet sector. 'It is disappointing because ultimately, it creates scepticism about the possibilities that apps offer rather than allowing them to be recognised for the advantages that they bring _ speed, portability and a very direct kind of functionality.î Chevin's has recently released its first app, FleetWave Mobile, which works alongside their popular fleet management system. The app allows fleet managers to gather relevant data using bar codes, QR codes, manual input or pictures: 'We have waited a long time to launch an app but we wanted to ensure that we came up with something that genuinely made use of the technology available to offer something to customers that they would find really productive and useful. 'Certainly, we have had many conversations in the last few years about whether we should have launched an app earlier, really just for the sake of having one, but we are sure that we have followed the right path by concentrating on functionality first.î