The European Parliament has demanded that the European Commission and member states introduce new on-the-road test in 2017 in order to ensure that the current Euro 6 limit for diesel cars of 80mg of NOx (nitrogen oxides) are met. The MEP resolution has also asked that the Commission set up a new European certification authority in order to ensure independence from the car industry, with only cars randomly taken from the production line being tested. Under the current system, national authorities only test 'golden vehicles' specially prepared for passing tests, and there are no systematic checksæ afterwards. Julia Poliscanova, the clean vehicles office for Transport and Environment, said: 'The proposals will stop the systematic cheating of tests by carmakers and the publishing of test results that are just hot air. 'The best way to solve the dieselgate crisis is ambitious on-the-road tests to ensure cars comply with regulations in use, overseen by an independent EU-level body.î The admission by Volkswagen that it had cheated air pollution test and the subsequent revelation that there are ever widening discrepancies between official test results and real world performance in terms of NOx and CO2 levels has caused a lot of controversy in recent weeks. It's expected that Italy, Spain and Sweden will offer substantial opposition, and that they'll instead campaign to set laxer limits.