A new battery-powered mini-van has been launched with the aim of revolutionising urban transport and delivery applications. ePower Trucks launched its electric mini-van at IOG Saltex and at 1.64m and 3.19m long, with a top speed of 100km/h (62mph) the vehicle is designed to keep a close rein on expenses for a variety of industries. The vehicle, known as the mia U, has a single central seat in the cab and has slide doors that provide easy access/egress. It is hoped the vehicle will make electric driving more accessible to everyday businesses. Jerry Hanss, managing director of ePower Trucks, said: "The range, payload, price and running costs of the mia U combine to make it a really attractive electric van for tradesmen, contractors and delivery companies." The mia U's 12kWh battery pack can be fully charged in five hours and is compatible with all standard EV charging points across the UK. The vehicle's batteries are warrantied for three years or 50,000km. Maintaining efficiencies and keeping vehicle downtime to an absolute minimum is something we also remain truly passionate about ourselves here at IT Fleet Automotive. Our invaluable fleet appraisal service is ideal for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a range of vehicles for fleet operators. Not only are we capable of highlighting issues we can provide a solution with our SMART repairs and refurbishment providing a high-quality, cost effective level of service, isolating damage at minimum cost. If you have any questions regarding our fleet services or you would like to arrange a quote then you can call our friendly team today on 01473 313057 or drop us a line using our simple online enquiry form.