Lines Distribution Services (LDS), which is part of APC Overnight, has invested in routing and scheduling software to increase efficiencies in their next day delivery network. Route Monkey technology will help to enhance customer service and response times, vehicle utilisation and reduce transport planning time and vehicle mileage. Malcolm Lines, managing director of Lines Distribution, said: 'Based on the detailed analysis carried out by Route Monkey as part of the procurement process, we know we can save a considerable amount of miles each year, which will also significantly reduce our company's carbon footprint.î 'Working with Route Monkey ensures we have the very latest technology supporting our fleetî. LDS will benefit from new 'Here' mapping technology, brought to the market by Nokia, which includes preventative features to give drivers warnings about oncoming steep hills, sharp bends, low bridges and roads with weight restrictions. Route Monkey says that their software can help fleet operators save up to 20 per cent on fuel bills, getting the best possible return on investment from lower-mileage vehicles. Users can import driver and order data to provide the most effective schedule; this is based on the lowest cumulative miles to carry out specified workload, combining cost economies and greater vehicle utilisation. The software also gives users the opportunity to set parameters for time windows, quantity of delivery, fixed visit duration, capacity, skill set, working time directive and speed to create the most suitable results. The firm also offers a wide range of apps which allow users to undertake risk assessments, fill out time sheets, fuel entries, job details, stock lists and digital signatures. Satellite navigation and GPS tracking can also track fleets in real-time. Food retailer Iceland has also recently implemented Route Monkey technology to good effect. The scheduling software is being rolled out to all of Iceland's 1300 fleet vehicles, allowing the firm to maximise daily customer delivery numbers. John Mackie of Iceland said: 'Using Route Monkey will help us to continue to provide the best possible home delivery service to our customers. It enables us to optimise the use of our fleet and driver resources, while also reducing our fleet mileage and emissions. "We conducted extensive trials with Route Monkey and were extremely pleased with the return on investment. Fundamentally, this technology allows us to do more deliveries in fewer cumulative miles.î Route Monkey also supplies Iceland's drivers with PDA devices and GPS tracking: 'The team at Route Monkey worked very closely with us to tailor the scheduling software and PDA technology to our precise requirements, ensuring we get the maximum possible benefits,î said Mackie.