has called for a re-think on the amount of UK traffic lights, following research showing that on average, motorists are currently spending 48.5 hours per year stationary at traffic lights. The research was supported by an Institute of Economic Affairs report that put the cost of delays caused by traffic controls at £16 billion each year. Interestingly, it also claimed that four in five (80 per cent) traffic lights in the UK could easily be removed in order to help economy and road safety. Further research showed that British motorists who drive on a daily basis spend an average of eight minutes waiting at traffic lights, which accounted for nearly a fifth (18 per cent) of their total time spent in the car. Around 15 per cent of motorists said that they spend an average of 11-15 minutes each day waiting at red lights. New FOI data _ which obtained as part of the research _ showed that there are currently more than 33,800 traffic light systems in place in the UK, which is a 23 per cent increase on 2013. London currently has more traffic light systems than any other UK city at 6,297. Nearly three in 10 respondents (29 per cent) said they had driven through a red light, 32 per cent deliberately. A number of reasons were cited for ignoring the lights, with 33 per cent claiming they were running late and 32 per cent saying they simply didn't see it turn red. 20 per cent, meanwhile, claimed they were angry at the light for turning red. Amanda Stretton, motoring editor for, said: 'Red lights are a frustration for many drivers on the road but they are a necessity to keep traffic moving in a timely and orderly fashion. On some days, it can seem these lights are against you and it can feel like the wait is longer than normal.î 'With motorists waiting an average of eight minutes a day at traffic lights, this can add up over a year. But the risk of driving through a red light can outweigh the benefits. Rushing through a red light can cause problems for drivers and pedestrians alike. And getting caught, and incurring points, can cause problems for your insurance.î 'Should drivers be caught and issued with points for driving through a red light, or any driving misdemeanour, they need to inform their insurer. If they don't, their policy could be deemed void or they may have to back pay their policy.î