The Association of Chief Police Officers' lead officer on road policing, Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, has called for harsher punishments for company car and van drivers who use a mobile phone whilst at the wheel of a vehicle. Davenport believes a two-tier system should be put in place, with other drivers being punished less harshly. 'If you get caught twice on a mobile phone during a set period of time you should receive a short-term ban,î said Davenport. 'If you cannot conduct your professional life or business, that is really going to impact on people and I hope it would be a deterrent.î Plans are afoot among ministers to raise fines for drivers caught using their mobile devices at the wheel from £100 to £150, whilst increasing the number of endorsement points offenders receive on their licences. 'I am looking at people running up and down the motorways, these are often young men aged 20 to 35. They are professional drivers,î added Davenport. 'If these people are driving as part of their business and they are taking more risks as a result, in return they should face higher enforcement.î Simon Peevers, spokesperson, RAC Business, agrees that there is a real need to change the behaviour of drivers that persist in using mobile devices at the wheel. 'The fact is there are too many motorists in general that still use hand-held mobile phones while driving and there is a real need to change that behaviour,î said Peevers. 'Whether people are driving for business, going to the shops or doing the school run, the distraction caused by hand-held phone use can lead to disastrous consequences. 'It is right that the Government is currently carrying out a consultation into how to change that behaviour because the challenge has been how to enforce the laws we currently have, which have been in place since 2003, banning all use of hand-held devices while at the wheel. 'It may be that the threat of a driving ban is a better deterrent than points and a fine, and worthy of consideration; but rather than set a higher level of punishment for certain drivers the law should be equal and clear for all drivers and crucially, more effectively enforced.î