Company car drivers could face heavy fines whilst driving in Europe this summer.æ The peak summer holiday season usually sees an increase in UK drivers crossing the channel. It is a legal requirement for drivers in Europe to keep documentation on them verifying their right to use their vehicle. Drivers without their original registration document can be heavily fined. Steve Whitmarsh, fleet specialist at Run Your Fleet, said: 'Many company car drivers use their vehicles for leisure and may be oblivious to the laws of other countries. 'If you are taking your company car, as you are not the legal owner you won't have the V5, but you are still required to take legal documentation that shows you are legally entitled to use the vehicle. 'This is in the form of a VE103 which is the substitute V5 and can be requested from the lease company, or one of the main motoring clubs. 'Many of our customers lease their vehicles, and we highlight the need for the VE103 for driving abroad, as we know that a driver or small business may be unaware of the need. 'A letter of permission to drive the vehicle from the company is not the same and will not be accepted, leaving the driver liable to on the spot fines or even the risk of having the vehicle impounded _ something of a nightmare if you have the family on board. 'Once requested, the VE103 will only take a few days to come through, but it is worth allowing extra time on the run up to peak holiday times, such as the summer.î Drivers should also take the time to ensure that:

  • They have the correct breakdown
  • They haveæ GB sticker displayed in the car (this is a legal requirement in many EU countries)
  • They have warning triangle and reflective jackets for each occupant
  • Breathalysers are in the cabin of the car if travelling through France