Bus and coach operator Johnson has implemented the Greenroad driver performance management system across its fleet of vehicles, allowing the firm to improve its fuel efficiency and improve road safety. Johnson has since travelled 50,000 more miles than in the same period of 2012, having used 11,000 less litres of fuel, creating tens of thousands of pounds in fuel savings. Greenroad has also seen its team of drivers reduce the number of risky manoeuvers by 78 per cent. The Greenroad system works by combining telematics features to track vehicles using its sophisticated Driver Performance solution, improving fleet costs, productivity and safety. By integrating fuel card systems and monitoring idling and speeds, the system can lower fuel consumption and overall costs. It provides real-time, in-vehicle feedback on aggressive driving and speeding, scoring drivers and ranking them in five safety categories, and can also reduce insurance and maintenance costs: 'Our team of professional drivers is now much better at anticipating events. As some of our routes involve country roads with tractors, this results in a smoother ride for passengers and reduced risk for the fleet,î said Peter Johnson, Johnsons' managing director. 'Greenroad brings wellbeing to drivers and customers and this is supported and celebrated by the continual success of our drivers. We didn't have many accidents to begin with but we chose Greenroad because we could see how it would increase road safety - by empowering our drivers with information transparency as well as reducing our costs. 'It is gratifying to know that passengers are complimenting drivers on their smooth journeys and we are seeing an increase in fuel-efficient driving. The ability to track our vehicles has also proved to be very beneficial.î Telematics is now a fast-growing area of vehicle technology, providing fleet operators with improved performance data in order to improve decision making and reduce long-term overheads. It is expected that the market will increase by a compound annual growth rate of 23 per cent through to 2016. If you own a fleet, why not take advantage of IT Fleet's FleetPlus system, which provides a range of innovative storage, refurbishment and transport services.