Fuel management will continue to be crucial despite the lowest pump prices since 2011, according to the fleet management specialist, Chevin. Chevin maintains that fuel costs will continue to be the most influential cost for company cars and vans and that there is a wide gap between best and worst practices. Petrol prices have fallen to their lowest levels in two-and-a-half years, saving the average car driver around £10 a month; a timely boost for businesses in time for Christmas. Chevin's Managing director, Ashley Sowerby said: 'Among the fleets with which we work, we see a wide range of different results when it comes to fuel management. "This is a cost area where some fleets have strong and definite policies, while others have a much more laissez-faire attitude and believe that the issue cannot really be successfully managed. 'Our experience is that the latter is wrong. Diesel and petrol spending is something that very much responds to determined managerial action. "While we may be going through a period when prices have unexpectedly fallen, this will almost certainly be temporary and they will again increase over time.î Chevin's six point advice plan for fuel cost management, offers a wide range of advice for drivers, covering a number of key areas. ´ Only buying vehicles with outstanding fuel consumption ´ Avoiding unnecessary journeys and using video conferencing as an alternative ´ Using fuel cards to monitor and record fuel spending ´ Buying fuel from the cheapest outlets _ a few pence per litre goes a long way ´ Avoiding super-grade fuel unless absolutely necessary; costs can mount up ´ Analysing driver and vehicle behaviour through software reporting, finding out which drivers or vehicles are falling below MPG targets Fleet firms should also provide their drivers with training, demonstrating the correct driving behaviours which will improve their fuel consumption figures. Sowerby added: 'None of these ideas are particularly innovative but they do require a strong managerial hand. However, if you follow them, you will definitely see results.î