Results from a new public survey have indicated that British motorists would consider converting to LPG if it meant being able to avoid the increasing costs of petrol and diesel. Latest figures estimate that over the next six years, the cost of petrol and diesel will rise by around 10.4 per cent. The government recently announced a new 10-year tax trajectory which will support low prices for gaseous fuels such as LPG Autogas. As a result, small car drivers could end up saving an average of five hundred pounds a year for at least the next six years by switching to LPG. Drivers of larger vehicles, meanwhile, could end up saving thousands of pounds per year. Linda Gomersall, the general manager for Autogas, said: 'The survey results show that the rising cost of fuel is a considerable financial concern for families and it is likely to become a bigger worry as the cost of petrol and diesel is predicted to rise significantly over the next six years. 'The cost of living is at an all-time high at the moment and families are looking for ways to ease the burden. Converting to LPG presents a real opportunity to save significant amounts of money over the next few years. 'Currently LPG Autogas is around half the price of unleaded and diesel and available at 1400 refuelling sites across the UK. More needs to be done to end the duopoly of these fuels and give people more cost-effective and cleaner alternatives.î 'Following the Chancellor of the Exchequer's introduction of a 10 year duty trajectory, there is now a plan that for the next 10 years that LPG autogas remains significantly more cost effective to consumers and small businesses when compared to petrol and diesel. Therefore, there is a clear case for consumers being able to make decent savings and we are urging the Government to consider how this can be encouraged further including looking at ways to reintroduce ready-to-drive LPG Autogas cars into the UK which are already commonplace in Europe.î