At-work drivers are more at risk from road accidents and adverse weather conditions because they spend so much time on the road. That's why road safety charity, Brake, has published advice for drivers on staying safe this winter. The advice resource has been made available to fleet managers to distribute to their drivers through the charity's Fleet Safety Forum. It's imperative that fleet drivers take extra steps to secure their safety on the roads at a time when ice and snow can cause a greater number of accidents. To give you an idea of the heightened danger, stopping distances double in wet weather and increase tenfold in icy and snowy conditions. Fog or dazzling sun also impairs visibility and can prevent drivers from spotting and reacting to hazards. Strong winds can also reduce your control of a vehicle and cause fatal accidents at high speeds. Brake has recommended that drivers use a simple A, B, C strategy to ensure that they stay safe on the road during the winter: ´ A - Avoid driving if possible ´ B - Be prepared - plan journeys around bad weather and pack a bad weather kit ´ C - Careful and cautious driving is best: slow down your speed and be sure to spot hazards and people Arco said: "With the winter weather on its way, we're encouraging drivers to be prepared for the challenging weather. "This can mean taking simple preventative steps such as properly clearing icy or snowy windscreens so the road is fully visible, fully removing snow from vehicles and wearing sunglasses to protect against low sun glare. "We welcome this advice sheet as a valuable resource to help fleet managers ensure their drivers stay safe this winter." Brake's advice sheet is available for free to Fleet Safety Forum subscribers, or can be purchased for £5 by non-subscribers.