A report of the 50 largest contract hire and leasing firms has revealed that BMW produces the most reliable company cars in the UK, according to the 2012 FN50 survey. Companies within the FN50 _ Fleet News' guide to the top 50 contact hire and leasing firms in the UK - are required to name their most reliable cars and vans based on the number of breakdowns and warranty claims throughout the last 12 months. The businesses that responded to the car reliability survey from Fleet News had combined fleet sizes totalling more than 585,000 _ a significantly representative sample size for the UK. BMW made it back-to-back victories as the most reliable fleet vehicle manufacturer in 2011 and 2012, as well as having three of its models in the top 10 of the most reliable cars. The BM3 3 series came top of the pile, while the BMW 1 and BMW 5 series both ranked within the top 10. The Volkswagen Golf moved up the table from third in 2011 to second place in 2012, while Honda's Civic and Accord models also ranked within the top five, retaining a long record within the survey. Tim Abbott, managing director at BMW UK, said: "To have three of our biggest selling cars in the top ten is a fantastic achievement and our customers will take great heart from realising they not only drive a class-leading car in terms of efficiency and driving pleasure but also one that is the most reliable too. "To have the BMW 3 series crowned the most reliable company vehicle in a car park of nearly 600,000 UK cars is quite a statement, while no other manufacturer can boast three big selling models in the top ten to take the honour of most reliable outright manufacturer. "Both titles are for the second year in a row. Following this news we will soon offer further initiatives for the corporate customer that will add to the ownership experience, but more of that shortly." The improved reliability of UK fleets has made it slightly easier for vehicle remarketing experts like ourselves here at IT Fleet Automotive to appraise and refurbish company cars, setting industry standards through high-end technology, training and innovation. If you are interested in acquiring a fully refurbished, fully valeted ex-fleet car then you should look no further than our own state-of-the-art twice-weekly auctions in the most comfortable centrally located premises across the UK.