A recent report into the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from new company cars has revealed all-time low average levels of 123g/km last month. The figure compares favourably with the average figure of 138g/km during the same month last year and 166g/km in 2003. The research was carried out by ALD Automotive, who also found that environmentally friendly cars are being readily adopted in record numbers by fleet operators and employees are also travelling fewer miles as part of a continued focus towards reduced vehicle operating costs. The environmental performance of fleet vehicles has been thrust under the microscope in recent months with businesses now forced to report their greenhouse gas emissions. From next year as part of their annual reports, it will be compulsory for businesses to include emissions data across their entire organisation, as well as fleet vehicles. In April benefit-in-kind taxation levels were revised by the Treasury and set at 10 per cent for vehicles with CO2 emissions up to 100g/km, 11 per cent for cars from 100-104g/kim and thereafter in one per cent increments for every additional 5g/km (up to 225g/kim and 35 per cent). Keith Allen, UK managing director at ALD Automotive, said: "It is evident from the analysis that UK businesses are really taking notice when it comes to reducing their CO2 emissions and mileage. "As vehicle taxation and carbon emissions are so entwined, it is vital that employers and staff stay one step ahead of changes in legislation. With new legislation being implemented next April this will affect many large businesses. "By having to disclose figures for the amount of emissions they expel, it's imperative that businesses take the necessary steps to reduce their carbon footprint." It is also important that fleet operators also take care of their older fleet and improve environmental efficiencies where possible. At IT Fleet Automotive we take our responsibility of refurbishing used fleet vehicles very seriously. With industry leading techniques, technology and training we are well placed to provide high quality, cost-effective vehicle refurbishment and repair. Looking to breathe new life into your organisation's fleet? Call our friendly team today on 01473 313057 or detail your requirements using our online enquiry form and get the ball rolling.