Arval's Corporate Vehicle Observatory Barometer has shown that the number of UK fleets anticipating growth in their business has risen to its highest point in five years. In spite of political upheaval and uncertainty in the market, a net 21% of fleets in the UK are predicting an increase in the number of vehicles they operate in the next three years (with 29% expecting improvements and 8% anticipating a decline). The results represent the most positive outlook in the past five years, coming four percentage points higher than 2016's net balance of 17%. Positive responses were seen more frequently from larger fleets, with 37% of big fleets believing their capacity will increase compared to a net balance of 11% from SME fleets. The positivity of UK respondents is contrasted with the average outlook in European countries, with only 11% of fleets in Europe forecasting any growth in the next three years (at 19% of larger fleets, 13% of medium fleets and 7% of smaller fleets). Shaun Sadler, head of the Arval's Corporate Vehicle Observatory in the UK, said: 'This degree of positivity among fleets is good to see, even if it should perhaps be tempered slightly by the fact that our research took place just before the general election, which may have had an effect on overall economic confidence. 'It is worth noting that this sense of confidence is strongest among larger fleets. They are the ones who we would anticipate to be aware of any corporate changes that are being envisaged on a strategic level which could have a negative effect on fleet numbers. However, their confidence is high.î