Currently the MD of IT Fleet Automotive, Andrew Timmis, is in the middle of the Irish Sea, competing in the Fastnet race, raising money for Help for Heroes.

What is the Fastnet?

A race for yachts of all sizes from Cowes on the Isle of Wright, around the Fastnet Rock, off south west Ireland and back to Plymouth non-stop across 620 miles

How many boats enter?

This year is set to be the largest entry at 380 boats.

Are the boats all the same?

No, the largest and fastest boats are in excess of 100ft long (some multihull) having professional crews of 20 plus and will complete the race in less than two days), the boat that Andrew is in is one of the smallest boats (Cirrus 2 a Jeanneau 36i  36 feet long) and has a crew of 8 and will take between 5 to 7 days to complete the 620 miles race.

Andrew is competing in this challenge to raise much needed funds for "Help for Heroes". The boat has the Help for Heroes logo all over the hull and after hearing what is being achieved by this charity assisting our Marines.

Army, Navy and Air Force personnel that have been injured during service, in many cases severely, Andrew was only too pleased to help. Andrew did not serve in the forces himself, but has friends and family that have and understands that when people sign up, they understand that their life is on the line when they are posted to conflict zones overseas. However, no one believes that anyone signs up thinking that they may be maimed and then left to potentially financially fend for themselves when they can no longer serve their country.

Andrew has written on IT Fleet's website asking Companies that he has known and worked with for some time for Company sponsorship. Andrew would only look to receive payment for Help for Heroes if he completes the race.

If you do fancy sponsoring Andrew, please send an email to and if you are interested in following the race, all boats have trackers fitted and can be followed on, click on tracking, the boat name is Cirrus 2 (they will be towards the rear of the fleet!)