A firm in the United States has developed new technology designed to enable fleet managers and operators to monitor the temperatures of their vehicles on the road remotely through an existing GPS satellite system. DataNab's 1-wire temperature sensors are already used globally and are currently very popular in HVAC and refrigeration as well as solar, geothermal and other alternative energy systems designed to monitor and track system performance. In an age where fleet operators are desperately seeking to cut costs, this kind of system is a largely cost-effective way of receiving such important real time information, according to Adam Van Oort, president of DataNab. "The ability to monitor and log temperature data has been available for some time, but usually only locally at the vehicles," he said. "Our 1-Wire sensor solutions in conjunction with existing GPS hardware and telematics technology gives fleet managers and companies an inexpensive option to access this pertinent information in real time." Keeping fleet vehicles in optimum condition is something we also feel very strongly about here at IT Fleet Automotive. As part of our fleet refurbishment service we use industry leading techniques and technology to ensure that isolated damage is repaired and restored at minimum cost, including bodywork, windscreens and alloy wheels. We will continue to invest in the technology and training to enable us to provide cost effective, high quality fleet vehicle appraisals. We endeavour to be available at all times to our customers, dealing with any enquiries you may have promptly and efficiently. If you would like to discuss our vehicle refurbishment and appraisal services then please get in touch today on 01473 313057 or drop our office a line using our online enquiry form.