Almost half of all UK fleet managers have revealed their drivers are choosing to ignore bad weather warnings in order to reach a destination on time, according to recent research from Autoglass. With time constraints a major issue for many businesses reliant on their fleet, drivers seek to soldier on through severe weather conditions in order to go from A to B without a lengthy delay. The study from Autoglass also raised some serious issues regarding fleet maintenance during this time of the year. 49 per cent of fleet managers chose to postpone or are still considering postponing fleet maintenance on their vehicles this year due to last year's mild winter weather. Just 30 per cent of fleets choose to increase their vehicle checks during periods of bad weather. With more than two-thirds of fleets potentially out on the UK's roads inadequately prepared for icy weather there is inevitably an increased risk of accidents in poor conditions. On average, accidents in wintry weather or due to the darker nights cost fleets 21 hours off the road. Just 10 per cent of fleets surveyed by Autoglass revealed they had experienced less than five hours off the road due to wintry driving conditions. Rather more encouragingly 57.8 per cent of fleet managers insist they intend on getting existing chips on their fleets repaired prior to the cold weather. Jeremy Rochfort, national sales manager at Autoglass, said: "Giving a vehicle a quick once-over or booking in a check need only take ten minutes and could greatly reduce time spent off the roads. "Importantly, these measures can help fleets improve safety, during a time when driving conditions can quickly become dangerous." At IT Fleet Automotive we try to make the fleet appraisal and refurbishment process as quick and as painless as possible. Our facilities are easy to get to and from, no matter where you and your fleet are in the UK. We invest in only the best technology and training methods for our staff to ensure we provide a fast, efficient service to make sure your vehicles are fit for the impending winter season.