AA's first fuel efficient driving competition has seen its winner achieve a massive 98 per cent fuel efficiency as a result of utilising Trakm8's fuel saving ecoN telematics system. More than 2,500 of AAs patrol cars have been using the ecoN system, which provides in-depth driver feedback and fuel efficiency data. The drivers have been competing against each other to find out who can drive the most efficiently over a three month period this year. Awards were given to the most fuel efficient driver and the most improved. EcoN calculated efficiency scores using Trakm8's fuel saving system, calculating fuel usage and C02 figures. Other factors included harsh braking, acceleration, idling and cornering, combining to form a total performance percentage for each vehicle and driver. The 10 winning drivers all had an average fuel efficiency score of 98.12 per cent, with the most improved driver gaining an amazing 69.3 per cent improvement in their score over the period. Chris Bailey, head of technology at the AA, commented: 'At the AA we work hard to ensure we maximise our fuel efficiency for environmental and commercial benefit. Driving smoothly and efficiently also contributes to the safety of our patrols.î Trakm8 makes a range of telematics solutions which help fleet managers monitor driver performance. Drivers can use the boxes to calculate daily and weekly mileage, driving hours and idling duration, allowing them to access up to 12 months of data at any one time. Paul Wilson, director of Trakm8, said: "Since working in partnership with the AA we have seen fleet fuel costs reduce substantially, evidenced by the fuel efficiency scores achieved by the winners in this inaugural competition.î