Following a survey of 500 British fleet drivers, ALD Automotive found that 87 per cent of motorists would approve installing telematics within their vehicle in order to conserve fuel and reduce annual fuel bills. With increasing demands placed on fleet operators to control their costs, minimise risk on the motorways and reduce CO2 emissions, experts are beginning to develop solutions involving telematics to record vehicle and journey data and refine all fleet trips. Using telematics fleet managers can remotely access journey data _ with driver consent _ in order to advise drivers on how best to improve their driving style. If these changes are successfully implemented it is hoped it will have a positive impact on driver behaviour, fuel consumption and reduce costs in the process. Keith Allen, managing director of ALD Automotive UK, said: "Over the past seven years, telematics technology has evolved hugely, delivering a wide range of functionality that can help businesses to better manage the costs and risk associated with their fleet. "At the same time business drivers have also become far more positive about the use of telematics, recognising the benefits it can deliver to themselves as well as their employers." Maintaining driver morale and keeping a close rein on fuel consumption is made easier by the efficient appraisal and refurbishment of fleet vehicles when they are off the road. Using state-of-the-art technology, at IT Fleet Automotive we can provide cost-effective, high quality fleet vehicle appraisal within our own workshops. With our fully-trained vehicle inspectors we can provide a condition report and offer full estimates of damage and refurbishment to keep vehicles on the road for longer _ looking after your investments. If you would like to discuss with us your vehicle refurbishment requirements you can do so by calling our knowledgeable team today on 01473 313057 or by dropping us a line using our online enquiry form.