According to new research from IAM Drive & Survive, 86 per cent of fleets have experienced some form of accident within the past 12 months. Fleet professionals from 100 different businesses were surveyed on their experience _ and approach to _ accidents involving their fleet.æ The survey found that:

  • Only 14 per cent of fleets hadn't suffered from some form of accident within the last 12 months.
  • Every fleet had suffered on-road accidents caused by their own driver (an 'at fault' incident).
  • Nearly half of fleets noted the average cost of repair per vehicle being over £1,000.
  • 33 per cent of drivers were faced with a fine, excess payments or another form of punishment by their fleet managers.
  • Over half of fleets currently didn't offer any form of post-incident driver training.

The report stated that: 'ƒmany companies are not addressing correctly this significant and avoidable overhead by putting in place significant measures to reduce the risk of incidents happening, or more worryingly, happening again to the same drivers.' 'Few provide any driver training as a way of reducing the chance of the driver having another incident.æ Is this a good situation for company, fleet, vehicle or driver?' Last year, IAM conducted another survey which revealed that 72 per cent of those driving for business reasons hadn't had any training at all, despite 44 per cent saying they would welcome it. Between 2008 and 2013, 3,493 people were killed in accidents involving some form of business related driving, according to government figures. Driving for Better Business says up to one-in-three road crashes taking place at the moment involve a vehicle being driver for work, with around 200 road deaths and serious injuries involving a business. Statistics also showed that people driving company vehicles are 25 per cent more to have some form of minor accident than normal motorists. Sarah Sillars, chief executive officer for the IAM, said: 'Accidents involving company car drivers represent a sizeable proportion of accidents on UK roads _ and it's a problem which needs tackling in a meaningful way. 'Fleet operators have a duty to their businesses, employees and other road users to ensure those individuals' driving conduct is of the highest order. Often companies have full processes and procedures for Health and Safety, HR and Environmental best practice; but often none in place when the employees get behind the wheel of a car or van?î